Posted by: FDMC Digital Media LLC | February 11, 2019

YouTube & Your Marketing Video For Your Business

Business owners large and small need the engagement of video in today’s marketing world. YouTube is a great platform to showcase your business. But what do I put on the platform? What works? What can I afford and not afford? Here are some good YouTube tips to get that marketing video produced and working for your brand.


These types of videos have a great impact but you need to be careful. Stay away from just having a talking head in the video. It is best if you can show a customer using your product while they talk about it.

Store Tours

These are made better when you can get the owner to provide helpful tips along the way about the goods and services. The added personal touch builds engagement.


Everyone likes customer reviews. They are a lot like the client testimonial versions but you need to make them more realistic. Get opinions on the street to make them even more authentic.


You need to understand the problem you are solving for the prospect here. Using a “day in the life” series of demos gets them to relate. Seeing your product or service in real time and in action helps build customer trust and interaction.

Unboxing Videos

These are one of the latest ways to engage your audience. People love to watch someone else unwrap something new and these are a great vehicle for influencer marketing.

How to Videos

It is very important to be specific with these ones so you will attract the right target market to your video. For example, “How to Use This Screwdriver” will not be as effective as “How to Use This Screwdriver on Drywall.”

Shopping Sprees

Not only are these one of the most popular kinds of YouTube videos, but they work well with small business products if you can find an influencer who will highlight your goods.

An Introduction to Your Business

This works especially well if you are a sole proprietor in a service industry like accounting. These also work best when they are not overly scripted.

Explainer Videos

Using animation or entertaining videos is great for explainer videos. These are a popular way for your small business to explain what they do because they are fun.


If you use the right keywords (hash tags #) in the description, you can get people flocking to these types of videos. Limited time promotions are one of the best versions to use. Remember to put the URL in your description.

Behind the Scenes Videos

These really foster engagement. People love when they get to peek behind the curtain and see what goes on when folks are relaxed in a work setting. These are great for personalizing your business and giving it a face.

Live Webcasts

If you are really confident in the way things are running at your business, you can go live with a behind the scenes video. Promoting these for certain times and dates when you know your target market is online requires a little research that pays off.

A Series of Video Tips

These do well because they position you as an expert and put a face to what you’ve got to sell. Remember a constant stream of content works best.


These are a little different than testimonials. They can be in a newsy style with the interviewer off camera for an added touch. Asking folks on the street in front of your store what they think about your goods and services works. Do not forget to include a call to action in your description. Think of those info commercials you watch on TV


These are generally high value and they do not cost a lot. Creating a slide show to add to the mix is a good idea. You can go live with one of these on YouTube so you will need to be looking for energetic presenters.

Narrated PowerPoints

These are simple and visual. Two of the cornerstones of making a great sale. Just put one of these presentations together, talk over the visual and upload it.

Educational Videos

These are popular for small business owners that want to stress their expertise. If you can fill a room of interested people, these are even more popular and credible when you present from the front.

Comparison Videos

Comparing your product or service to your competition or other brand works when done truthfully and without malice or put-downs. You might be tempted to get long winded here but seriously, do not do it. The small business videos that get the best responses are three minutes or under. Remember to be honest and tactful when doing these types of videos.

Staff Videos

YouTube Analytics is a great tool that will tell you how these are going over with your target market. Having your staff talk about why they like working in your shop makes for a feel-good video that attracts clients.

Corporate Videos

Production value matters here. When your business is at this level, you should be looking at hiring professionals. Do not rush into these. A carefully designed plan works best. If you are a medium to large company, viewers will expect to see a polished video since in their fame of mind, you can afford to do so if you are up in that level of success with your business. You will want your video to have a the very minimum, great music, graphics, lighting, a good voice-over artist and storyboarding to sell your brand here.

Good luck!


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