Posted by: FDMC Digital Media LLC | February 5, 2019

Periscope Is Still Around

Ahh the perils of Twitter’s Periscope platform. Yes, it is still hanging around. With Facebook’s “Live” coming on strong and YouTube upping its Live Streaming platform, Twitter’s Periscope, which was one of the first to jump onto the live-streaming wave, has become an afterthought for many. Once seen as the leading live platform, Periscope has lost it’s leverage among video users. Even in the eyes of Twitter itself, which now offers direct streaming through its Twitter app platform without going directly to Periscope, realizes it is playing catch-up again.

But Periscope is still in going – despite various content and platform issues, the Periscope team continues to roll out new updates and changes. And this week, they’ve added a highly requested feature – though it may not function exactly as you hoped for. But I digress.

Now, you can add live guests to your Periscope streams – though they will only be able to contribute with audio only at this time, as opposed to seeing them in split video screen. guest avatars will appear on screen, and they’ll be able to speak during the broadcast. 

As explained by Periscope on their site:

To add extra broadcasters to your Periscope stream, you first need to tap on the ‘two faces’ icon in the pre-broadcast process, which will enable you to invite guests during your stream.

“Viewers can then ask to join, and the broadcaster can choose to accept their requests and add them as guests. The broadcaster and viewers can tap on any guest’s avatar to make it appear biggest on their screen.”

Periscope does note that it’s looking to add video sharing too in the near future, but right now, it’s just the audio. Which offers an additional consideration for your Periscope streams, even if it is a little behind the other platforms. 

Is that good sign for Periscope? As noted, it’s largely been superseded by other live-stream platforms, and it’s seemingly become less of a priority. Does the platform’s inability to innovate at the same level as others in the market point to broader issues?

It’s hard to say, and because Periscope hasn’t revealed actual usage numbers in a long time, it’s hard to know whether a significant amount of people is still actively engaging on the platform. But you’d think they must be – you’d assume that, for Twitter to still be investing in the platform, it must see something we don’t by keeping the app going. Either way, if you are using Periscope, it’s another option to keep in mind.


As explained by Periscope on their site:

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