Posted by: FDMC Digital Media LLC | June 19, 2018

Millennials, Messenger, Instagram & You!

1I recently came across some very interesting but not surprising content about two very popular social media platforms. Facebook Messenger and it’s counterpart, Instagram. (both Facebook apps)

Instagram and Facebook Messenger are the most popular apps for Social media Millennials. A recent publication ranked these two apps in the upper 20% of usage by this demographic.

So the next question is Where is your business marketing dollars going when it comes to social platforms? Facebook’s messenger app, at the very least is where you should be taking advantage of features like the “click to message” on your business page.

Facebook Messenger’s 1.3 billion monthly users exchange more than 2 billion messages with businesses each month — and that volume is set to increase as nearly half of Millennials now say that messaging apps are their preferred means of customer service interaction

“Businesses are already using messenger to engage with their consumers in a personalized, powerful way,” said Stefanos Loukakos, Head of Messenger, Facebook. “This can be the new paradigm of how businesses communicate with their customers. Twenty years ago, they… started building a web presence; now is the time for businesses to build a presence on messenger.”

The bottom line is if a brand’s native app or website sees high engagement, it could be a no-brainer to use messaging or a chatbot feature there.  Businesses can identify which aspects of customer service can be improved through this type of communication. With the use of Instagram and Messenger, a whole new world is opening up to communicate with your customers. This includes not only the text feature but video as well as both platforms support this feature. Take a deep dive into both of the apps from Facebook and see how your brand and marketing can expand!


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