Posted by: FDMC Digital Media LLC | February 7, 2018

Digital Marketing Campaigns. Are You Doing Them? If not, Why not?

pexels-photo-545331.jpegWe work a lot with digital marketing and much of that is with smaller businesses. The digital marketing stream is not reserved for large businesses necessarily. Regardless of size, what you sell or offer for a service or your competition’s budget, digital branding and advertising in today’s world is a must for growth and brand awareness. Here are some quick reasons that I recently read about that I want to share with you why digital marketing is the best way to go and why you should budget for it.

1. Digital Marketing Costs Less

Traditional marketing campaigns, including print and television, are more costly because of the needed expensive resources and the difficulty of really tracking your ROI (return on investment) Digital marketing uses targeted research and analytics to quickly determine which approaches are working well and which aren’t worth the cost or resources. So, most digital marketing channels tend to be less costly from the start. Due to the research you typically do get what you pay for and that is results!

2. Small Businesses Really Can Be More Competitive

Digital marketing closes much of the gap between large, medium, and small companies because it avails each level with many of the same resources. While big companies with larger budgets will be able to spend more on digital advertising, SMBs will get more opportunities to compete, improve brand awareness, and build an audience using the same resources the big boys do.

3. ROI Measures Program Results

ROI asks the question, “What kind of results do my programs deliver?” While at times it is not the easiest marketing measurement to figure out, the final product is greatly valuable to measuring success or failure. Single attribution (first touch/last touch) is the method used by nearly half of marketing teams. This method acknowledges the theory that it takes an average of seven touches to convert a cold lead to a sale, and puts the highest value on the first or last touch. When it comes to traditional marketing, it is much more difficult to measure the ROI of a print ad than it is to measure that of a digital ad, because the audience of a print ad is so much broader. With digital marketing, which can target specific audiences, it is easier to determine which advertising campaign led to which sale.

4.The A/B Testing Strategy

One of digital marketing’s best allowances is the ability for a company to experiment with almost every aspect of a marketing campaign. The A/B Testing (what works in one campaign verses what did not work in another) The results are available much faster. With fine tuning, simple changes can be tracked and used to target customers more effectively. For example, testing can be used to better engage a target audience, improve CTRs, (click through rates) help drive buyers through their journey and more.

5. Increased Engagement

Did you know many people don’t even own desktop computers anymore? Mobile Marketing opens up a whole world of opportunities for increased engagement, from creating a more personalized user experience to reaching new users. A recent study by the company Global Index, showed more than 80% of internet users own a smartphone, and 90% of that time was spent on their smartphone apps. Mobile marketing encompasses it all. From email and social ad design to SEO to branded apps. It will allow you to reach users in their most native environment.

 6. Analytics And Your Digital Campaign

Measuring digital analytics helps companies make informed decisions about where to invest their resources, improving efficiency. Gathering numbers for traditional marketing channels is a manual process, while most digital platforms, including social media and marketing automation, have built-in analytics dashboards with all of the data automatically available. View reports on dashboards for easy visuals, and map the customer journey, measuring performance metrics at each step.

7. Email Marketing Still Communicates Best

A good digital marketing strategy should cater to the audience’s preferences. Most people prefer to hear from brands via email, making a strong case for an engaging email marketing strategy. Email marketing puts targeted messaging right in front of customers and potential customers. When automated, trigger emails can even be sent automatically based on customer activity, further personalizing interactions.

8. Social Media Builds Trust

A referral from a friend instantly makes a company seem more trustworthy to potential customers. Digital advertising leverages social media to make “likes” and other online reviews visible to friends of customers. Recommendations make a company stand out from the competition, automatically building trust.

9. SEO Puts Your Brand Where The Audience Can Find It

Everyone uses Google. In fact, 81% of B2B purchase cycles begin with a web search. That may be why search engine optimization (SEO) has the best ROI of any digital marketing channel. For a company to be seen on Google, it must show up on the search engine’s first page. A solid SEO strategy is used to improve a company’s Google ranking.

I found the above tips very useful and many of these, we always suggest to our clients depending on their needs.


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