Posted by: FDMC Digital Media LLC | June 2, 2016

Dealing With Angry Customers


I was chatting with a friend recently at a function and discussing “bad press” or getting bad reviews. We all had them.  No matter what you do, the customer thinks you are terrible, your product or service stinks and  how do you ever stay in business!??  In this social savvy world we live in today, protecting your brand, your name and your business is so important.  We all know we  can never make every customer happy as many out there are on a simple mission to get something from you for nothing or they just enjoy making someone’s life miserable because they themselves are not happy.  Having said that, let’s explore some pointers that maybe you can turn an unpleasant experience into a good one for a customer.

Point #1  Is there really any truth to their claim?   We all make mistakes and perhaps the customer is actually right in whole or in part about their gripe.  We are not perfect.  Don’t be offended but reach out to them and say, I am sorry, you are unhappy, what can we do to make it right?  (Within reason of course)

Point # 2  If you believe the claim is a bunch of lies or they are out to take advantage of you be polite but stand your ground.  Do NOT get into a shouting match or argue with the customer.  Try and back up your statements with facts or data you may have.

Point# 3  Use other customers you know to defend your point if they have used your product or service.  Have them chime in on social media.  You have fans, use them.  and  believe it or not,  many times working with an upset customer can be turned into a  long time customer.  If you work with them, they may calm down and come back to you.  Some folks just want to know if you are human and you care.

Roy Garton

FDMC Social & Digital Media

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