Posted by: FDMC Digital Media LLC | February 11, 2016

Live Stream Your Business But Be Careful!

I have spoken before about doing live streams with your business via your  cell phone.  If you missed that piece, simply stating, using Meerkat or Periscope along with your 1080p cell phone, you can be mobile and live stream an event.  You can also obviously do this inside from your laptop’s camera if you just want to deliver a sit-down topic.  Anyone watching you can interact and ask questions as both platforms use Twitter as their platform integration.  But I am digressing here.  This post is about what you need to watch out for in liability for those live-stream events.  All of these are easily avoidable with some planning.

Like a TV Show on the network or making a film, you have to be careful of certain things.  The first is your background music.  IF you have music playing during your event, make sure you can use it.  most popular music is copyrighted as are most images. Use only images you own. or are in the public domain.  Understand and know copyright laws.  Another stickler is the “Right Of Publicity Law.” Even though you be live streaming from your own property and someone wanders into your  shot and you put them on camera, did you ask their permission?  Believe or not  you have to get a release from them to use their image.  The other safeguard trick is post a very visible signage that you are broadcasting live and if you do not wish to be on camera please avoid this area.  The last point is watch what you broadcast.  If you are in a office or corporate building, make sure no  personal information is on in the background with computers or hanging on the wall that may be or should be confidential. The camera sees everything!

Have fun and take advantage of live streaming to promote your brand or business.  Plan out what you are going to do and have that plan with you before, during and after the broadcast to make sure you did everything right to safe-guard your live stream.  Most live stream events can be recorded and you should do so to have a copy and to protect yourself in case someone says something after the event.  Take a picture or video tape that sign you put up warning people to stay clear if they do not want to be on the show.  Take stills of the area or set you will be using to make sure it looks clean and the background is clear. As they say “Cover Your  You Know What!”

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