Posted by: FDMC Digital Media LLC | February 18, 2019

Engaging With Your Audience Quickly Using Social Platforms

Social Media travels quickly and for businesses, it can be a tough road to follow. Here are some tips I found to help you engage your social audiences quickly and get your brand out as well.

Posted by: FDMC Digital Media LLC | February 18, 2019

Your Brand & Social Engagement. Getting the ROI

Social media marketing has become a challenging “game” for Businesses, both large and small. Getting your brand out there in the cyber world is getting tough.  Despite social being more relevant than ever, organic reach isn’t just dropping, it’s plummeting. That makes things difficult for brands that are prioritizing native content over paid ads to reach their audience. In spite of the fact that social platforms are making it difficult to reach your target audience organically, people are still inundated with an overwhelming amount of branded content. There’s a lot of noise out there. The only way to take advantage of the reach you do have is to create social media content that really makes an impact. Here are four tips I found that are useful to make your content resonate on social.

1. Be ready to respond to breaking news quickly

This is where being on top of things that are relevant to your audience can really help. If you’re the first to share breaking new, or to leverage a trending hashtag, you’re going to get the attention and engagement that latecomers are not. To do this, subscribe to relevant news feeds. Set your Google Alerts for topics that are relevant to your audience, and be otherwise actively on the lookout for news and events that are of concern.

2. Initiate a conversation

Try to think of your social platform as a conference table sharing ideas and not as a podium where you are the one throwing out topics. A poll is a great tool for seeding a conversation. Not only will people answer the question you’ve posed, they’ll also engage with you and one another over the topic you’ve chosen. Your job is to find a topic that really sparks interest, then be an active participant in that conversation.

3. Add more emotion to your posts

Emotional content gets a reaction. It earns shares and comments. Think about it. What is more likely to make you share something than a post that makes you laugh out loud, that brings tears to your eyes, or that motivates you to take action. When you only have a couple seconds of the viewers’ attention, this connection can make all the difference. Not only is emotional content compelling to a viewer – it’s also extremely sharable. Before you can expect loyalty, you have to tap into what is important for your audience and establish an emotional bond.”

To use emotion in your social posts you can:

·        Engage in storytelling.

·        Share your human side.

·        Use the right visuals, text and music to paint an emotional picture.

·        Encourage your audience to share their stories as well.

·        Use Live Video

 Using live video will increase your organic reach. No question about it. It’s one area that doesn’t seem to be nearly as impacted by the downturn of unpaid social reach. Live video draws people in. It makes them feel as if they are a part of something important, and it encourages them to participate.

Use live video at events, to share behind the scenes content, or simply to give live updates on topics that you think will interest your audience. Remember that great hosting is really important. Recruit someone who is outgoing and has a great camera presence.

Your social media posts are probably reaching fewer people than ever. The only way to combat this is to ensure that your reach goes as deep as possible. Accomplish this goal by using these tips to create content that makes an impact.


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Why You Need To Use Instagram For Your Next Marketing Campaign!

Instagram is the #1 app for mobility. It is specific to images both video and still images. Learn why this is so huge for your business!

Posted by: FDMC Digital Media LLC | February 11, 2019

YouTube & Your Marketing Video For Your Business

Business owners large and small need the engagement of video in today’s marketing world. YouTube is a great platform to showcase your business. But what do I put on the platform? What works? What can I afford and not afford? Here are some good YouTube tips to get that marketing video produced and working for your brand.


These types of videos have a great impact but you need to be careful. Stay away from just having a talking head in the video. It is best if you can show a customer using your product while they talk about it.

Store Tours

These are made better when you can get the owner to provide helpful tips along the way about the goods and services. The added personal touch builds engagement.


Everyone likes customer reviews. They are a lot like the client testimonial versions but you need to make them more realistic. Get opinions on the street to make them even more authentic.


You need to understand the problem you are solving for the prospect here. Using a “day in the life” series of demos gets them to relate. Seeing your product or service in real time and in action helps build customer trust and interaction.

Unboxing Videos

These are one of the latest ways to engage your audience. People love to watch someone else unwrap something new and these are a great vehicle for influencer marketing.

How to Videos

It is very important to be specific with these ones so you will attract the right target market to your video. For example, “How to Use This Screwdriver” will not be as effective as “How to Use This Screwdriver on Drywall.”

Shopping Sprees

Not only are these one of the most popular kinds of YouTube videos, but they work well with small business products if you can find an influencer who will highlight your goods.

An Introduction to Your Business

This works especially well if you are a sole proprietor in a service industry like accounting. These also work best when they are not overly scripted.

Explainer Videos

Using animation or entertaining videos is great for explainer videos. These are a popular way for your small business to explain what they do because they are fun.


If you use the right keywords (hash tags #) in the description, you can get people flocking to these types of videos. Limited time promotions are one of the best versions to use. Remember to put the URL in your description.

Behind the Scenes Videos

These really foster engagement. People love when they get to peek behind the curtain and see what goes on when folks are relaxed in a work setting. These are great for personalizing your business and giving it a face.

Live Webcasts

If you are really confident in the way things are running at your business, you can go live with a behind the scenes video. Promoting these for certain times and dates when you know your target market is online requires a little research that pays off.

A Series of Video Tips

These do well because they position you as an expert and put a face to what you’ve got to sell. Remember a constant stream of content works best.


These are a little different than testimonials. They can be in a newsy style with the interviewer off camera for an added touch. Asking folks on the street in front of your store what they think about your goods and services works. Do not forget to include a call to action in your description. Think of those info commercials you watch on TV


These are generally high value and they do not cost a lot. Creating a slide show to add to the mix is a good idea. You can go live with one of these on YouTube so you will need to be looking for energetic presenters.

Narrated PowerPoints

These are simple and visual. Two of the cornerstones of making a great sale. Just put one of these presentations together, talk over the visual and upload it.

Educational Videos

These are popular for small business owners that want to stress their expertise. If you can fill a room of interested people, these are even more popular and credible when you present from the front.

Comparison Videos

Comparing your product or service to your competition or other brand works when done truthfully and without malice or put-downs. You might be tempted to get long winded here but seriously, do not do it. The small business videos that get the best responses are three minutes or under. Remember to be honest and tactful when doing these types of videos.

Staff Videos

YouTube Analytics is a great tool that will tell you how these are going over with your target market. Having your staff talk about why they like working in your shop makes for a feel-good video that attracts clients.

Corporate Videos

Production value matters here. When your business is at this level, you should be looking at hiring professionals. Do not rush into these. A carefully designed plan works best. If you are a medium to large company, viewers will expect to see a polished video since in their fame of mind, you can afford to do so if you are up in that level of success with your business. You will want your video to have a the very minimum, great music, graphics, lighting, a good voice-over artist and storyboarding to sell your brand here.

Good luck!


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Periscope Is Still Around

Ahh the perils of Twitter’s Periscope platform. Yes, it is still hanging around. With Facebook’s “Live” coming on strong and YouTube upping its Live Streaming platform, Twitter’s Periscope, which was one of the first to jump onto the live-streaming wave, has become an afterthought for many. Once seen as the leading live platform, Periscope has lost it’s leverage among video users. Even in the eyes of Twitter itself, which now offers direct streaming through its Twitter app platform without going directly to Periscope, realizes it is playing catch-up again.

But Periscope is still in going – despite various content and platform issues, the Periscope team continues to roll out new updates and changes. And this week, they’ve added a highly requested feature – though it may not function exactly as you hoped for. But I digress.

Now, you can add live guests to your Periscope streams – though they will only be able to contribute with audio only at this time, as opposed to seeing them in split video screen. guest avatars will appear on screen, and they’ll be able to speak during the broadcast. 

As explained by Periscope on their site:

To add extra broadcasters to your Periscope stream, you first need to tap on the ‘two faces’ icon in the pre-broadcast process, which will enable you to invite guests during your stream.

“Viewers can then ask to join, and the broadcaster can choose to accept their requests and add them as guests. The broadcaster and viewers can tap on any guest’s avatar to make it appear biggest on their screen.”

Periscope does note that it’s looking to add video sharing too in the near future, but right now, it’s just the audio. Which offers an additional consideration for your Periscope streams, even if it is a little behind the other platforms. 

Is that good sign for Periscope? As noted, it’s largely been superseded by other live-stream platforms, and it’s seemingly become less of a priority. Does the platform’s inability to innovate at the same level as others in the market point to broader issues?

It’s hard to say, and because Periscope hasn’t revealed actual usage numbers in a long time, it’s hard to know whether a significant amount of people is still actively engaging on the platform. But you’d think they must be – you’d assume that, for Twitter to still be investing in the platform, it must see something we don’t by keeping the app going. Either way, if you are using Periscope, it’s another option to keep in mind.


As explained by Periscope on their site:

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Marketing With Instagram!

Instagram for your business

Instagram. I have done numerous articles on Instagram and no, they or Facebook who owns it does not pay me anything to do so. It is just a cool app that thousands of others beside myself, are using to reach today’s hungry mobile market. Why? Because Instagram is today’s powerhouse social media site for consumer businesses. And if you give customers an inviting way to post to Instagram, they’ll advertise your business for free. Millennials love Instagram as well as the upper tier Gen X. That my friend is your key demographics. So how can you get your small business to gather followers and engagement on Instagram and, ideally, increase sales and most of all, followers and influencers.

 Here are some tips I found that you really have to try.

1. Paint a wall or portion of a wall a bright, clean color that “pops.” on Instagram. 

2. Create an enticing design on a wall. Something that you know will pop.

3. Create an Instagram “booth” with a cool background and good lighting for close-ups.

4. Make sure your @CompanyName is painted or printed on everything you create as an Instagram background.   

5. Put a “stand here” indicator such as put footprints on the floor to make sure people don’t cover your name in the photos.

6. Invent an “Instagram pic of the day” with a suggestion of something visual and invite customers to take a photo and tag your business.  

Making your company Instagram-worthy is harder for small businesses without physical locations. But some of the items mentioned above can still work for your home-based business or consulting. Just keep in mind who your client-customer base is.

You can do these things below yourself if your home does not have the space.

1. Create a template for your posts – using the same colors and fonts so you become quickly recognizable.

2. Use inspiring quotes and messages – people like to feel good!

3. Create (good clean) fun posts that give followers a lift.

4. Make your photos as beautiful as possible. Us those #hashtags!!

5. Make your posts pretty using a tool like Canva or Over or Adobe Photoshop Express. 

6. Use Instagram Stories to show followers a “behind-the-scenes” look at your business.

7. Post multiple pics to make viewers swipe, which increases engagement!


Posted by: FDMC Digital Media LLC | January 15, 2019

Now You Can Schedule Videos To Instagram!

Late last month, Instagram quietly updated its structure to include direct scheduling of videos.  Yea, about time!  No more trying to plan things out and download via your smartphone or off a third-party app.

Like direct photo scheduling, the video scheduling API is only available to Instagram Marketing Partners via the Content Publishing API beta program. Most major social media management apps (Buffer, Hootsuite, Social Report, etc) are a part of this program, so you can expect your social media management app of choice to support the feature soon.

Additionally, like Instagram photo scheduling, only Instagram Business Profiles have access to direct video scheduling via social media apps. The process of moving to a Business Profile is easy though, and simply requires you to link a Facebook Page to your Instagram profile which we at FDMC Digital Media have done.

There are some pretty hefty guidelines we found from Instagram so here they are.

  • “Container: MOV or MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14), no edit lists, moov atom at the front of the file
  • Audio codec: AAC, 48khz sample rate maximum, 1 or 2 channels (mono or stereo)
  • Video codec: HEVC or H264, progressive scan, closed GOP, 4:2:0 chroma subsampling
  • Frame rate: 23-60 FPS
  • Picture size: Maximum columns (horizontal pixels): 1920, Minimum aspect ratio [cols/rows]: 4/5, Maximum aspect ratio [cols / rows]: 16/9
  • Bitrate: VBR, 5Mbps maximum
  • Duration: 60 seconds maximum, 3 seconds minimum
  • File size: 100MB maximum”

Most of these limitations will be automatically implemented by the social media scheduling apps that choose to support direct video scheduling. Additionally, the time limit and file size are the same as the standard Instagram video upload limit.

While it’s safe to say that other major social media management tools will introduce the feature soon (the feature is currently “in progress” on Buffer’s Trello board), none of them have announced formal release dates. Until then, their users will have to continue using the smartphone workaround.

This is huge news for social media managers and agencies

It’s safe to say that direct Instagram video scheduling will change the game for social media agencies and in-house marketing teams. Having to manually schedule videos to Instagram makes it near impossible to schedule videos at odd-hours or on weekends, but automation will soon change that.

Now all Instagram needs to do is open multi-image posting via its API, and social media managers will never need to touch the Instagram mobile app again (for posting, at least). Only time will tell.


Posted by: FDMC Digital Media LLC | January 5, 2019

Digital Media Tips For Your Business

When we meet with our clients, one of the first questions they ask is how to get the most out of their ad buys. What images should I use? How much copy should I include? What’s the most effective call-to-action? How many times can I show the same ad to an audience before we lose our impact? While we do our best to consult with our clients, many times, there is no magic answer but the following tips is what we know are tried and true basics.


Determining what “type” of image drives strong performance is nearly impossible. However, it is clear that the presence of an image – any image – is a good thing. SmartBrief has two standard text units – one that features a 180×150 ad image (rectangle text ad) and one that does not (outline ad). When comparing performance between the two ad formats, we found that versions featuring an image performed nearly 50% better than those that did not. 300 px should always be used if possible.

Our Take Always use an image! Grab the reader’s attention by utilizing bright colors and people’s faces.


We found a significant relationship between ad copy length and click through rate (CTR). As the ad copy length increased, generally, so did the CTR. SmartBrief specs recommend 40 characters for the headline and 250 characters for the copy. However, the average SmartBrief ad has only 35.2 characters in the headline and 232.7 characters in the copy.

Our Take  While most advertisers fall short of the recommended character counts, we suggest making the most of the space available to you. Share with the reader as much valuable information as the space allows.


Content can often go stale if not refreshed frequently. For sponsorship placements, we found that creative fatigue can set in quickly. For each successive run of the same creative to the same audience, performance can drop 10 to 20%.

Our Take  Start with rotating 2 to 3 creative versions in your campaign. Be sure to replace the low performers with something new after a few runs. 


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Using Instagram For Marketing Your Business

InstagramForGusinessWhat is Instagram Marketing?

Using Instagram to market your business is a very excellent engagement tool to use. I consist of using video and images and it does require consistent work and new posts preferably daily if not twice a day at the very least.  Using this app will give you the market share of Millennials and Gen X that you need to tap into. Plus it give you a great mobile platform to build off on.

Why Instagram Is Important to Your Business

This past year especially during the holidays we have seen product sales soar over the roof, and one of the biggest contributors is social media marketing, more precisely Instagram marketing. It has a better reach than older social media networks and undoubtedly the best engagement among them. A recent  study Instagram has 15x more engagement than Facebook and 20x more than Twitter. To make Instagram work for you however, you need to not only be pro-active, but you need to pay attention. Here are some tips that I found that will help your business grow.  Don’t make these mistakes first and foremost when using Instagram.

1. Poor Audience Engagement

Nothing is worse than having new followers or influencers that are ignored. You have to engage them to keep them. This will make your followers happy and could, in turn, make them into loyal customers. Besides, Instagram notices your engagement levels and recommends high performing profiles at the top of Instagram Search and Explore section thereby increasing visibility and discoverability.

2. Making it too Personal

Showing a little bit of personality isn’t bad but as a business, you have to keep things professional still. Do not engage in your own opinions on politics, social matters, or your personal life or problems. Nobody wants to hear about it on your business Instagram Account.

3. Hashtags Need to Be Used Properly

Instagram hashtags are of great importance in case you are not aware. It serves in place of keywords on Instagram, without it, no one can find your content. Hashtags for Instagram improve your chances of being found by many folds, if used properly that is, which is simply avoiding overused hashtags such as #love and steering clear of banned Instagram hashtags. Using those will not improve your chances of being found.

4. Making your Profile Private

Apart from Instagram hashtag mistakes, this is another big mistake most businesses make on Instagram. No one has all the time in the world to wait for your approval before viewing your posts and what you have to sell. For a personal profile, it’s okay but business wise this is not a popular move. Make your profile public, in case you have it on you, can change it in the options menu in the top right-hand corner of the app. Also, make sure that you are using a business profile.

5. You need To Fill Out Those Caption Fields Otherwise You Will Get “What Is This Supposed to Be?”

When you share a photo or video on Instagram never leave empty caption fields. Captions can be used to pass additional information like addresses and contact info. Business slogans and most importantly your CALL-TO-ACTION usually goes onto the caption. Other popular unpopular Instagram marketing mistakes include posting random stuff on your business profile, like comedy skits and vines that detract from your core business identity, totally avoid that. Not filling out your bio info, not adding a link to your website, etc.


Instagram is growing leaps and bounds and will continue to do so in 2019. It has already doubled its competitor, Snapchat in app usage. The other good thing is Instagram is owned by Facebook and while Instagram is doing better than Facebook, the interaction of instant sharing of the two makes this a valuable platform. Don’t makes mistakes, keep your content fresh, use the right hashtags and watch your audience grow as well as your business!


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Word Of Mouth Marketing. Is It Working For Your Business?

word-of-mouth-marketingWord of Mouth Marketing is not only getting your brand or product to gain trust, it is also the inexpensive way to advertise. The drawbacks is it takes work, it takes trust building, and your network of friends, associates and others you have empowered, (influencers) must start sharing your marketing progression. Getting a trusted friend or colleague to talk and share about a cool new product or service that has made their  work life easier or simple make the product or service offered less sensationalized and more genuine. You start to want that product or service. That is the power of a good word of mouth marketing strategy. But is this something we can control? To some extent, yes. The worst thing you can do is to leave it up to chance. Let’s talk about some specific ways in which you can ignite positive word of mouth and use it to spark further customers. Here are a few tips I found that can help you with word of mouth marketing.

1. Build Trust

Nothing builds a customer-company relationship faster or more solidly than trust. Yet, trust is a quality sadly lacking in many companies. In our me-first world, customers often get the short end of the stick. Whether it’s hidden fees or a disappointing product experience, people have endured incredibly frustrating situations when dealing with some companies. A wonderful way to prevent this and build trust is to do right by your customers. For example, did they receive a faulty product? Get them a new one as soon as possible and go the extra mile to make them not only satisfied but also happy. When a company goes above and beyond to champions its customers, those efforts build confidence and loyalty.  Through strategic content marketing and thought leadership initiatives, you can establish a solid foundation of trust with everyone who experiences your brand.

2. Create an Unbeatable Customer Service Strategy

Customer service is an area where many brands fail to hit the mark. When you hear about negative experiences, it’s rarely during a sales pitch or initial install of a product. Usually, it’s when something goes awry and people reach out to customer service. Make sure to have a solid and reliable team of customer service agents to care for customers. Make your agents available across all platforms, including phone, chat, and social media. Such positive experiences will cement a customer’s relationship with your brand. And when a customer shares those experiences, it will create a ripple effect.

3. Be Different

People don’t talk about middle-of-the-pack brands. If you strive to be carbon copies of your competitors, nothing will distinguish you in your customers’ minds. Differentiate yourself in simple ways, such as the language of your marketing. Don’t use the same language as every other company in your industry. Strike out on your own and individualize your messaging. Think of words that describe your product in new and engaging ways. From your website to your email marketing campaigns, make your messaging reverberate.

4. Find Passionate Advocates

Across every brand there are passive customers and then there are advocates. Advocates are those who are loyal and passionate about your brand. They keep coming back — whether it’s to use your again or upgrade to a new tier of services. Look for individuals who are…

·        Well-connected across online and offline networks (social media a must!)

·        Credible among friends, family, influencers, and colleagues

·        Willing to share opinions in a sound and positive manner.

5. Give People a Platform

Not many people will spread the word about your brand if you don’t give them the opportunity. Social media pages, customer testimonial sites, and case studies are all excellent ways for your customers to share their happy experiences. You might include a link on your site or an email that encourages customers to leave a review. This could be as simple as “Did we make your day? You can make ours by leaving a great review!”  Keep it light and conversational. If you know of an especially positive experience a customer has had, you might even reach out for an even more in-depth review or a case study about their experience. Eager and happy customers may not know how to support you and let others know of their wonderful experience. It’s best to give them several options, across different online platforms.

6. Incentivize Your Audience

Some of your customers may need some motivation or incentive to spread the word. Somebody might love your brand, but not do much else about it unless they have a push in that direction. How can you solve this? Create a loyalty or brand advocacy program that rewards audiences for different levels of engagement. Everything from following a brand on social media to retweeting a post can all be rewarded.

7. Be Enthusiastic

My final words of advice: Love what you do. Enthusiasm is contagious. If you have a great product or service you personally believe in, love what you do, and do it well, others will be naturally attracted to your brand. And these enthusiasts will tell others about you who in turn will tell others and on and on.

In conclusion, a word of mouth marketing strategy can at times be a fickle friend. There are no guaranteed recipes for success. Every industry has its own quirks so be real that not everything you do will work. Be patient and be up for changes in deployment.


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